Natural shampoo bars for pets

Pets by Lou Lou Natural Shampoo bars for pets are easier to use than liquid shampoos, they lather up extremely well and clean your pets fur without irritating the skin.

Benefits of shampoo bars

Pets by Lou Lou Natural Shampoo Bars leave your pet with a healthy shining coat and are so natural you could wash your dog in the river. Of course it goes without saying that, unlike liquid shampoos, our solid bars don’t need plastic packaging.

Ethical, vegan & cruelty free

All natural ingredients

With several rich natural ingredients, our coconut oil shampoo bars will add glossiness and movement back to dull, damaged fur. It is also soothing to irritated skin.

  • Contains no preservatives, sulfates or harsh chemicals.
  • The perfect first step to restoring your dog’s skin to good health.
  • Helps your pet to stay fresh and smell great too.
  • Only safe for the Pets essential oils for light and delicate scent.
  • Light oils and Smooth and shiny Fur of your Pets.
  • Rich and soft foam.

Our solid shampoo bars are available unscented and in three heavenly scents

Unscented Natural Shampoo Bar for Pets

Unscented:Works its magic to enhance the natural beauty of your pets fur. NATURAL FORMULA.

Citrus Natural Shampoo Bar for Dogs

Citrus: Clean, Fresh and Aromatic: Leaving dogs fur with a delicate, invigorating citrus fragrance. NATURAL FORMULA

Light Mint Natural Shampoo Bar for Pets

Light Mint: Give your Pets fur the attention and care it deserves with this invigorating and clarifying shampoo that boosts and shine. NATURAL FORMULA.

Lavender Natural Shampoo Bar for Pets

Lavender: Calming natural wash for your beloved ones. Protecting your pets fur from dryness and irritation, its cleansing properties retain natural oils. NATURAL FORMULA.

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